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11 March 2007 @ 03:11 pm
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This is a graphic journal, with all of the graphics made by Jane. And if you haven't guessed it killjoy_jane is Jane =). I hope you all like what you see and remember to friend this journal, as it will be friends only.

Ok very simple this post has where I get all of my brushes; gradients; and textures. I can't remember what I got from everyone, I made this list a long time ago. If I have forgotten someone please comment here saying so. I like to credit, but sometimes I do forget things

Brushes & Textures;;
inexorablyhere jeweledicecream teh_indy inxsomniax wednesday_icons miggy katrin_folly ohpaintbrush icons_with_love innocenceagain cosmo_mouse filipinoz_rule lookslikerain pekeana theonewithicons brokenicon disappearicons << Light Textures spectacular << textures eightyfour__ << Light Effects kalijean << Lipstick Prints pessimistchick << Light& Firework textures dearest << Bases dj43 << Old Movie Brushes customer_mimi << Ornament Brushes ohfreckle << decorative borders; simple light effects; colorful bubbles; texture set 15; randomdeco; light texture set #22; polaroid brushes; scratch brushes dj43 << drawn heart brushes dyoselin << dot brushes 77words << polaroidish brushes hexicons << PATD! and FOB lyric brushes meleada << smudgy lines sharpfragments << visual lines dearest << Nine Iron, plaid textures arisubox << textures, scibbly, colorful dekolette << Soft color textures exit_eternity << boxy textures amethystia << Fairy Tale brushes unmasked_icons << Imogen Heap Lyrics Brushes photoshopranger << arrows damnicons << (bubble or dotty?) light textures ianthinae << dot light textures tihana << light textures (100x100 size) workingpen << think pink textures haydens__hunnie << jammed together, tiny text brushes colortone << blurred colored textures (sets 4 and 5), Icon textures (set #1)"It's now or never", Light textures, blurred light textures[fairylight, pussycat]. wonderland__ << Tiny text 5 + fading boxes rxyangl << dragon border brushes grey_doves mask brushes celestial star. momentofglee << a line texture.

Hybrid Genesis textures for wallpapers. I use the free ones. =)
Vintage_Cutie@Greatestjournal.com << scratch textures

Disney Animated Movie Screen Caps;;
Disney Dreams dot net

dafont.com searchfreefonts.com

crumblingwalls roseicons magdalenaicons workingpen << spring meets summer
colortone << 7 sets, Retroactive; Candy Stash; Autumn Chill; Six Gun Sucker Punch; Deathberry; Against the Wall; Mr. Brightside; & Spring Rainbow.

Lj Skin[s];;
khalls_stuff Conor Oberst, Prison Break(green & gray), POTC. Supernatural(gray)

Mood Theme[s];;
crystalkirk Sawyer from LOST

Movie/TV Show Caps;;
milliejupiter MCR? I believe
newsie__nympho Bring It On
dj43 at dj_capslock High School Musical; The Sandlot; Hocus Pocus; Chicken Little.
Extravaganza dot com One Tree Hill caps, along with other tv shows.
screencap-paradise and screencappiness Caps from episodes of BTVS, and Angel. Mostly used for my claims at icon_alphabet
screen caps by jadedmisery One Tree Hill.
bunnyp00 X-men 3 trailer.
squishysquidgy Singing in the Rain.
jadeleopard TMNT trailer.
reallyheavy.org Spider-Man 2.
sheckler @ wildxheaven high school musical caps

Icon Album Tutorial: anadivity @ disney100
Icon Table Generator by angelamaria

btvs quotes

AshleyTisdaleOnline vanessahudgen.com Zac Efron.com TeenLovely ShineOnMedia ViggoPhile.net Depp!AJohnnyDeppFansite WilliamMoseleyFan.net MileyCyrusFans.net SuiteLifeFans.com EmilyOsment.org JohnnyDeppWeb.com hsmfangallery brendasong.org scarlett-fan.com taylor-kitsch.org alysonmichalka.org daniellepanabaker.net lucasonline onlyolesya blakelively.org selenafan.org alysonhannigan.com sitenamehere sitenamehere

Stock Images;;
awmp blimey_icons Wallpaper Textures